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Your account will be deleted within 30 days after account deletion. If you wish to cancel your deletion request, you may do so within 30 days by logging into your account.
Delete your information or account

To delete your information, you can:

  1. Permanently delete your account.

    If you delete your account on or , we delete your information, including the things you've your transactions, media such as your photos, videos and account verification updates, unless we need to keep it as described in Once your account is , you won't be able to reactivate it, and you won't be able to retrieve information, including content you've posted. We store some information after deletion of account and you will never re create your account with similer records.

  2. How long does it take to delete your information?

    If you request that we delete your account or content, it may take up to 30 days to delete your information after we begin the account deletion process or receive a content deletion request. After the information is deleted, it may take us up to another 90 days to remove it from backups and disaster recovery.

  3. How to delete your account or information?

    You may choose to delete your account at any time by selecting such option on our desktop website, mobile WAP site or mobile application from the Settings or Privacy section located in the menu bar. With this we will no longer provide your data for external processing as mentioned above. However, we retain your Personal Data as long as the purpose for its usage exists, within only in 90 days of deletion request, after which the same is disposed off by us except for any record retention required as per applicable law. The provisions of various laws require your transaction logs to be stored for longer periods post the deletion of an account. Further, in the event of the pendency of any legal / regulatory proceeding or receipt of any legal and / or regulatory direction to that effect, we may be required by the law of the land to retain your Personal Data for longer periods.